Fantasy Battler Pack 1

Fantasy Battler Pack 1

More and more monsters from Tyler Warren's collections have gone “pixel-style” in this second re-mastered graphics pack


Urban Slow Piano Vol.1

Fantasy Battler Pack 1

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV



Created in Michael Rookard's signature painted Fantasy Battler Pack1 features new enemies that will bring your fantasy battles to life!

This pack focuses on battlers for fantasy world like giant spider or cultiest, and helpful character like hero ranger or hero warrior.

Inspired by a variety of modern video games and comic books, this pack features a sleek design and concepts to inspire your game development.





  • 28 side view battlers for fantasy RPG
  • Beautifully Hand-painted battlers such as assasin, drow, ice / magma golem, hero warrior and more!