Fantasy FaceGen Vol.1

Fantasy FaceGen Vol.1

Time to create unique and original fantasy character's face! The third eyed-kid holds the party's fate in the epic journey...!


Fantasy FaceGen Vol.1

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV



From dark-horse heroes and friendly villains to unassuming NPCs, characters are at the core of all role playing games. And now, you can make character creation even easier!

With Fantasy FaceGen Vol.1 you can add a touch of fantasy to your original characters. Would the third-eyed kid hold the fate of this epic journey?! You will find those unique facial generator parts you wanted in this pack such as hair, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, accessory, facial mark and face shapes for both male and kid character!

The more original characters you create, the more original your story becomes! So go ahead and get inspired with this new character generator!!




  • Rear Hair: 5 Male / 5 Kid
  • Front Hair: 5 Male / 5 Kid
  • Facial Mark: 4 Male / 5 Kid
  • Accessory: 6 Male / 5 Kid
  • Nose: 2 Male / 2 Kid
  • Mouth: 6 Male / 2 Kid
  • Eyes: 6 Male / 2 Kid
  • Eyebrows: 5 Male / 1 Kid
  • Ears: 1 Male
  • Body (neck line): 1 Male / 1 Kid
  • Face Shape: 2 Male / 2 Kid
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