Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack for MV

Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack for MV

After a long wait and anticipation, one of our most popular, classic DLC's has been resized and reformatted for MV: Celianna's Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack!


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Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack for MV

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV



After a long wait and anticipation for her new tileset, we now present you with Celianna's MV resized version of Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack!

This large pack contains all the basic Exterior Tiles you will need to create cities, villages, dungeons and castles as well as detailed Interior Tiles to decorate these places that populate your wonderful game maps. It also includes tons of animations such as fire features, different styles of doors and swiches, and don't forget a secret passage hidden behind a bookshelf!

Filled with Celianna's beautifully-crafted signature details, Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack for MV is a must-have pack for all the RPG Makers!!!





  • Complete Exterior / Interior auto-tiles of TileA - Floor Tiles, Ground Tiles, Water Tiles, Wall Tiles, Tiles for waterfall, cliff, crop field, grass field, fence, gorgeous carpeted stairs, roofs and more! Total of 11 sheets!
  • Complete TileB: Exterior Tiles of trees and nature assets to create beautiful and mysterious forest, and Interior Tiles of detailed furniture to create a kitchen, dining room, bedroom and more! Total of 5 sheets.
  • TileC, TileD and TileE for both Exterior / Interior to create towns, villages, castles, caves, crypts and ports!
  • Animations for switches, fire features, chests, doors, secret passages and more!
  • Parallax of clutter items packed in 1 sheet (food, books and letters, boxes, plants, candles, vases and more!) and parallax railings for your convienience.
  • Bonus: 2 BGM by Joel Steudler, mysterious dungeon theme and happy town theme! Both music in .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, .wav formats. Check out more music by Joel S.---> Grand Adventure Music Pack