Town of Seasons - Interiors

Town of Seasons - Interiors

Bring a seasonal touch to your fantasy towns!


Town of Seasons

Town of Seasons - Interiors

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV

Essential pack to match with the 'Colorful Season' pack, a few indoor scenes can be set up in a variety of ways whether you want a cozy cabin house or a splendid luxurious home !

Created by Sherman3D, this pack contains kitchenwares with different food platter come in handy and a special animated fireplace lets you create a scene where the characters are in an engaging dialogue for your game!

This pack contains:


  • Tile A1 includes two animated water tiles, one for a village an another for a bustling town.
  • Tile A2-A5 include auto-tiles of ground, paths, walls, floors, cliffs and town buildings.
  • Tile B-D includes building add-ons and decorative objects, along with seasonal trees.
  • Material that matches the standard RPG Maker MV tiles, while still giving you a new and unique look.
  • Easy to use and formatted for RPG Maker MV.