Dragons Den Resource Pack

Dragons Den Resource Pack

Venture into the Dragon's Den and confront the serpentine Order of the Scale with this diverse pack of art and audio resources from Joel Steudler!


Urban Slow Piano Vol.1

Dragon's Den Resource Pack

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV RPG Maker VX-Ace VN Maker



Devious servants of the dragon lord seek to awaken the beast!

This resourceful pack of art and audio assets gives you the tools to build an adventure in the Dragon's Den. Music, SFX, Voices, side-view Battlers (including a giant dragon!), backgrounds, character sprites and tileset art all build the dark and dangeorous atmosphere.

Whether you're on the lookout for a classic explorer's dungeon or simply want a little extra variety for your RPG Maker MV maps, Dragon's Den Resource Pack by Joel Steudler is a must-have addition to your growing library of RPG Maker resources!



  • A2 tile for creating dungeons
  • 5 battlers (Dragon Lord, Dragon Priest, Dragon Shaman, Dragon Warrior, Dragon Whelp ) in 3-4 variations (red / green / blue or albino) Dragon Lord comes in 3 sizes in each color as well. Total of 22 side-view battler graphics (+shodow of Dragon Whelp! )
  • Dragon Egg in 2 variations (intact and cracked open) comes in 2 sizes each.
  • Faceset for these battlers and Dragon Egg
  • Walking sprites for 3 battlers (Dragon Priest, Dragon Warrior, Dragon Shaman) in 2-3 color-variations. Total of 8 sprites
  • 9 Battle backgrounds (Dark cave / Terrain / Mountain top in 3 variations with red-rock, grey-stone and ice)
  • Bonus! Dragon's eggs graphic for dungeon's deco
  • Compatible with RPG Maker MV and for other engine of your choice!
  • 10 music tracks suitable for battle and draconic themes!
  • 20 dragon sounds! Roars, growls, and fire breath!
  • 12 voices with lines of dangerous dragon servant dialogue to taunt your players
  • ogg and m4a formats included for audio assets
  • Royalty free music to use in your RPG Maker MV and Visual Novel Maker projects or other engine of your choice!