Mystery Music Library Vol.1

Mystery Music Library Vol.1

Ready or not, here comes the inspiring music for your toughest mystery tale!


Light Novel Standard music vol.2

Mystery Music Library Vol.1

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV RPG Maker VX-Ace VN Maker

From Tkool project comes Volume 1 of a pack of inspiring music designed to fit genre of mystery, horror, futurristic tales and more! 

Using synthesizer's sleek sound this music pack creates modern and cool atmosphere for your game developping project.

Whether you're on the lookout for the perfect theme for your epic saga or simply in need of creative music to listen to while you map, you can't go wrong with these 35 BGM!





  • 35 total tracks
  • Mystery, horror, futuristic and modern theme
  • .M4A and .OGG format included.

Track List

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