We took a year off but WE'RE BACK to bring you the Third Indie Game Maker Contest. This year we're putting the focus on our flagship game making software, RPG Maker. Your challenge, if you choose to accept, is to make a game using any RPG Maker engine in ONE month, starting 10 PM PST, October 2nd and ending 11:59 PM PST, November 2nd 2017. You'll be competing for large cash prizes, and a chance to get your game published on Steam by us! But most importantly, you’ll be MAKING GAMES!

To even the playing field, we're teaming up with Humble again to present the Humble Game Making Bundle 2017! This is a special opportunity to get the entire line of RPG Maker game making software, including our latest edition, RPG Maker MV. Each engine has its own unique toolsets, graphics, audio, and script files, so make sure to experiment with each one. We’re also included Themed DLC packs, with even more resources, covering Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, Horror, and more! We sprinkled some games in there too, including a few past IGMC winners, to get you inspired when you’re not busy game making!

Make sure to check out our awesome trailer that goes even more in-depth into all the products included in the bundle: trailer

The bundle lasts only the FIRST TWO WEEKS OF THE CONTEST, so make sure to grab it now before it disappears!


We know you’re eager to get started, but before you place that first tile, make sure to read through The Rules: RULES

The Rules page includes all the information you need to know to make sure you’re following conest guidelines. Breaking the rules can lead to penaltiies or even disqualification so you’ll want to make sure to give them a look before investing all that time into your project.


The carrot on the stick! While the most important part of the IGMC is making a game, it doesn’t hurt to have LARGE CASH PRIZES and a chance to have your title pubished on Steam!

Like last IGMC, the prize pool is tied to how well the Humble Game Making Bundle sells. The higher the revenue, the higher the prizes, so make sure to get the word out!

Head to the Prizes page for details on allt he different prize packages: