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Buy Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 1st 50 And Recieve Adventurer's Journey for free!

Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 1st 50
Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 1st 50

True to the spirit of the whimsical characters of the early console RPG, this pack of 50 battlers by artist Tyler Warren brings to life a fresh set of options for the professional and amateur game creator.



The Adventurer's Journey
The Adventurer's Journey

Grab your sword, Staff or Bow and add a unique twist to your adventures!


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  • Imagine walking through fields and dungeons, encountering all manners of wild beasts and monster. As you emerge triumphant after each encounter, empowering music greets you and keeps you going. Doesn't it sound like a fun adventure?
  • Tyler Warren's battlers are whimsical, bright and incredibly imaginative. From flaming snowmen to king slimes, these battlers are a nod to the iconic monsters from the Dragon Quest series. Their unique coloring makes them look like pencil sketches, which is a perfect addition to your bestiaries and diaries.
  • Kairi Sawler's Adventurer's Journey is a true musical adventure. Soothing melodies and great choices for instruments and sound effects make each song sound magical and filled with possibilities. Adventurer's Journey can find a home in a variety of locations: from fascinating dungeons to grand sky fortresses, to quiet towns tucked away between mountains.

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