Take your RPG Making to the next level with the Member+ program!

Support the RM Community and we'll set you up with custom resources, huge discounts, extra functionality, and more!

Custom Resources

You'll have access to some of the most talented RM resource creators out there. We have a special requests forum where anyone enrolled in Member+ can make suggestions for new resources. We'll take your suggestions and release regular resource packs! You are free to use these resources for your personal or commercial projects.

20%-40% Discount on Future Purchases

As a Member+, you'll be able to pick up anything from the RPG Maker Forum Store at a heavily discounted price.

Promotion for your Games/Projects

Host your games via the new RPG Maker Download Center! We'll be going through submissions on a regular basis and featuring our favorite ones on the site, blog, and newsletter.


Always wanted your own developer blog or diary but didn't want to worry about setting up a site or hosting? We've got you covered! Create a blog and start posting within minutes.

Special Usergroup and Badge

Pimp out your forum profile with a new usergroup and badge designed exclusively for the Member+ program.

Why Should I Sign Up for Member+?

Besides the awesome discounts, bonuses, swag, etc. that we are offering as part of the Member+ program, this is also a great way to support the RPG Maker community as a whole.

The majority of your Member+ payment will go towards paying the people who will be creating custom resources for you. These are people who have been creating free resources for the community for many years. Now's a great time to offer thanks for all their hard work!

We're also donating 10% of Member+ proceeds to the Child's Play Charity which is improving the lives of children in hospitals around the world.

How Much Does it Cost?

A 3-month membership is $14. A year-long subscription costs $42, saving you $14!

Improved File Manager

Faster downloads and more upload space for the RPG Maker Download Center.