KR Legendary Palaces - Harpy TilesetKR Legendary Palaces - Harpy Tileset
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KR Legendary Palaces - Harpy Tileset

A colorful palace with elegant winged accents for RPG Maker!

This Harpy Tileset Includes:

・Ground Tiles:

  • Plain marble floor (4 colors – orange, purple, green and black)
  • Tiled floor (4 colors)
  • Inlay floor (4 colors)
  • Hole in floor (4 color edges)
  • White marble

・Walls: Wall tiles to match flooring. Includes matching roofs for all wall types.

・Also featuring:

  • stairs to match flooring
  • small accent pillars
  • large accent pillars (plain and themed)
  • plain arch
  • detailed arch
  • raised platform
  • coordinated throne
  • art deco style windows (large and small)
  • locked treasure chest (with animated version)
  • push block
  • bridge rails
  • multiple statues – large and small
  • magic rings
  • diagonal stairs
  • 3 designs of ladders
  • wing shapes and jewels for decorating
  • plus more!

・Events and Animations: Treasure chest and fire in two colors!

* Compatible with MV / MZ

Compatible with

RPG Maker MZ
RPG Maker MV
RPG Maker VX Ace
Visual Novel Maker
Manga Maker ComiPo!
Game Character Hub