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RPG Maker is no stranger to the news! When RPG Maker, its games, or its developers make the headlines, we'll be sure to post about it here and keep you updated! Everything from mainstream blog posts to news stories to reviews are fair game!

Avoid A Killer Stalking The Darkness In Korean Indie Horror Game Enigma

12/19/2014 Source: Siliconera

Latest Humble Bundle offers seven RPGs

12/18/2014 Source: Inc Gamers

Blackbird Miming In the Dead of Night: Kan Gao's A Bird Story

11/10/2014 Source: Paste Magazine

Pokemon Insurgence: The Pokemon We Need and Deserve

11/7/2014 Source: The Bitbag

To the Moon creator on his wordless follow-up A Bird Story

11/7/2014 Source: Gamasutra

Previous Years

DarkEnd Review: To the void, and back again

11/6/2014 Source: Modvive

Myanmar’s first RPG isn’t great, but it’s a great start

11/3/2014 Source: TECHINASIA

Sacred Tears True: A Game Of Milds

11/1/2014 Source: siliconera

Editorial: Reflecting on Gender Equality and Pushing Forward

10/30/2014 Source: GAMEREVOLUTION

Review: The Sacred Tears TRUE (PC)

10/24/2014 Source: Diehard GameFAN

Games to scare your pants off

10/22/2014 Source: mace&crown

Review: DarkEnd

10/20/2014 Source: HarcoreGamer

October Distress Fest: Logan’s Top 5 Horror Games

10/05/2014 Source: Mod Vive

Humble Store Offers 'RPG Maker VX Ace' and More For Cheap

10/03/2014 Source: GamePolitics

Incoming! Our 15 most anticipated iOS and Android games for October 2014

09/29/2014 Source: Pocket Gamer

Aldorlea Games’ Undefeated Coming to iOS, Android

9/24/2014 Source: Gamezebo

RPG Maker heads to mobile with new porting abilities

9/17/2014 Source: Gamasutra

RPG Maker Franchise Gets Steam Midweek Madness Sale

9/16/2014 Source: HardcoreGamer

Millennium 2 Available On Steam

7/13/2014 Source: mxdwn.com

There Are Way Too Many Indie RPGs

7/10/2014 Source: Kotaku

Make Your Own Games With These Easy To Use Tools

06/17/2014 Source: The Bitbag

Humble Weekly Bundle With RPG Maker Breaks Sale Record

06/04/2014 Source: SegmentNext

Humble Weekly RPG Maker Bundle Released

05/29/2014 Source: HardcoreGamer

Humble Bundle Weekly: RPG Maker

05/29/2014 Source: AnandTech

Check out Destructoid Story, a visual novel based on the Dtoid community!

04/25/2014 Source: Destructoid

OMORI is the horror RPG I have been dreaming of

04/25/2014 Source: RPG Site

Cult Horror Game Is Getting A Live-Action Film

04/25/2014 Source: Kotaku

Actual Sunlight Review (PC)

04/08/2014 Source: Paste Magazine

Dev: Gone Home demake is an experiment in mutability, an accidental exercise in panic 12/27/2013

Gone Home: The 16-bit JRPG 12/27/2013

Gone Home Being Remade as 16-Bit RPG by Fan 12/24/2013

Microsoft Channels LittleBigPlanet and Minecraft With "Project Spark" Beta 12/04/2013

New Steam Autumn Sale 2013 Flash Deals Include Prototype 2, Gone Home, More 11/28/2013

Actual Sunlight, a game about depression, goes 3D with open beta 11/17/2013

Game Creation Suite RPG Maker VX Ace Half Off Through Gamestop 11/11/2013

Another Anecdote In The Game-Development-Is-Great-For-Learning-Stuff Pile 11/04/2013

An RPG Where You're A Random NPC 10/14/2013

League of Legends: Jinx's lore, as told through an RPG Maker video 10/03/2013

RPG Maker VX Ace 09/30/2013

On RPG Maker and Game Engines 09/21/2013

New Resource Packs Now Available for RPG Maker 09/09/2013

From The “No Shit, Sherlock” Dept.: Writing A Game Is Hard 08/23/2013

Daily Deal - RPG Maker VX Ace, 66% Off 08/06/2013

Real Time Combat Tutorial–RPG Maker VX Ace 07/26/2013

One Aussie Fan's Quest To Remake Final Fantasy VII... In 2D 07/26/2013

Become Kanye West for a day in indie RPG Kanye Quest 3030 07/25/2013

Free Kanye West RPG Takes The Whole Phenomenon To A New Level 07/24/2013

Coding camps hope to inspire the next Mark Zuckerberg 06/26/2013

It's Time We Put The Bald Space Marine Away. It's Time To Make Games For More People. 01/08/2013

Warning: Adult Content! The Sex Game That Crossed Lines and Unnerved Its Creator 05/09/2012