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RPG Maker is no stranger to the news! When RPG Maker, its games, or its developers make the headlines, we'll be sure to post about it here and keep you updated! Everything from mainstream blog posts to news stories to reviews are fair game!

Millennium 2 Available On Steam

7/13/2014 Source: mxdwn.com

There Are Way Too Many Indie RPGs

7/10/2014 Source: Kotaku

Make Your Own Games With These Easy To Use Tools

06/17/2014 Source: The Bitbag

Humble Weekly Bundle With RPG Maker Breaks Sale Record

06/04/2014 Source: SegmentNext

Humble Weekly RPG Maker Bundle Released

05/29/2014 Source: HardcoreGamer

Humble Bundle Weekly: RPG Maker

05/29/2014 Source: AnandTech

Check out Destructoid Story, a visual novel based on the Dtoid community!

04/25/2014 Source: Destructoid

OMORI is the horror RPG I have been dreaming of

04/25/2014 Source: RPG Site

Cult Horror Game Is Getting A Live-Action Film

04/25/2014 Source: Kotaku

Actual Sunlight Review (PC)

04/08/2014 Source: Paste Magazine

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