RPG Maker MZ 1.1.1 Update!
December 16, 2020
December 15, 2020

RPG Maker MZ 1.1.1 Update!

RPG Maker MZ 1.1.1 Update!



December 16, 2020

The 1.1.1 RPG Maker MZ update is here, with fixes to several parts of the default graphics, English translations of many plugins, and various bug fixes! Read the full blog post for more detail.

For Steam users, RPG Maker MZ updates automatically. For those who purchased through our store, you can download here.

Bug Fixes

Character Generator - Face - Fix to Male clothing 1
Character Generator - Face - Fix to Ear 2 and Glasses
Character Generator - SV - Fix to female clothing 25
Enemies - Fix to missing dots on the side for the following:

  • Machinerybee - enemies & SV
  • Salamander - enemies & SV
  • SF_Madclown - enemies & SV
  • SF_Shadow - enemies & SV
  • SF_Slaughterrobot - enemies & SV
  • SF_Timebomb - enemies
  • SF_Will-o-the-wisp - enemies & SV
  • SF_Skullmask - SV

Fix to the Evil2 2nd character walking sprite (adding the patch eye cord behind the head)
Tileset - fix to blurry tiles in Outside_A1 and World_A2
English translation to the following plugins

  • AnimationMv
  • EffekseerForRPGMakerMZ_Ex
  • EventMovableLimitation
  • EventReSpawn
  • Levelupstate
  • MessageWindowPopup
  • Minimum_encount
  • NoGameover
  • NoGameover2
  • PictureAnimation
  • PluginBaseFunction
  • ShakingChange
  • StateAutoBattle
  • TemplateEvent
  • TouchMoveForSymbolEncount
  • wasdKeyMZ

Optimization to prevent jump to label to spend a frame
Fix to the animation editor for the bug that prevented efkefc files including ' in the name to play correctly
Fix to the bug that could prevent event command to run after playing multiple animations in parallel
Fix to the bug that would freeze the game if trying to play an empty scrolling text
Fix to the bug that would have the text or face blurred in UI when the size where screen size were bigger than default

How to update your project(s):

  • Create a backup of your project or only its data and js folders. Updating can sometimes cause your project to break so this is for the safety of your hard work!
  • Update your project by going to the Main Tool Bar -> Game -> Update Corescript option.
  • To get the graphical updates, create a new project and copy the following files from the newly created project to your project folder:
  • img/tilesets/Outside_B.png

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