Let's Make a Scene: Sounds of Harmony Edition
April 15, 2022
April 14, 2022

Let's Make a Scene: Sounds of Harmony Edition

Let's Make a Scene: Sounds of Harmony Edition



April 15, 2022

It’s time to make a scene! A cutscene that is. And this time with our Let’s Make a Scene contest, we want to highlight one of the most often overlooked parts of setting a scene: The score!

A free pack of 5 Tracks provided for free by five of our top RPG Maker resource pack composers is here. Time to use one of those songs to build your award winning cutscene!


All Times Listed in PDT

Start Date: April 15th, 10:00AM

Deadline: May 2nd, 11:59PM

Winners Announced: May 13th, 2:00PM



You’ll have a little over 17 days to make a 2 to 5 minute cutscene you think will wow the judges using one of the 5 songs provided by our RPG Maker composers. You don’t have to follow any other theme, just let the song take your mind where it will!

But let’s take a closer look at the songs you will have made available to you!

You can download the free pack that includes all these songs below.

Resource Pack

You can also find it on our free contents page on the main site.

So pick your song, grab your favorite RPG Maker editor, gather your best graphical resources, and build the best cutscene you can!

Also be on the lookout throughout the event for creator spotlights where each of the composers will have the opportunity to tell you about themselves, the track they picked for the event, and the pack it came from!

●Sounds of Harmony Participation Prize●

A New Event Badge

$5 Degica Shop Gift Code

●For Winners●

First Place: $50 Degica Shop Gift Code, Gold Event Badge

Second Place: $25 Degica Shop Gift Code, Silver Event Badge

Third Place: $10 Degica Shop Gift Code, Bronze Event Badge


To be valid your entry must obey the following rules!

  • Your cutscene must be submitted as an RPG Maker Game deployed for Windows. You may use any of the PC RPG Makers to create your cutscene.
  • Your cutscene must be at least 2 minutes, and no more than 5 minutes long.
  • Your cutscene must use one of the songs included in the free Let’s Make a Scene: Sounds of Harmony Edition resource pack as the background music.
  • The cutscene should start as soon as the player selected New Game on the main menu, and should play from beginning to end automatically without the player needing to provide any input.
  • Include your forum username in the filename of your entry.

Note: Please remove any unused assets from the project to reduce file size as much as possible.

●How to submit●

To submit an entry, link it in the submission thread on our forums at the link below.

Submission Thread

●Terms and Conditions●

  • You may use resources and DLC sold in the RPG Maker Web store or via Steam.
  • You may only use user-created resources that are available for commercial use. Proper copyrights and/or credits must be included in the entry.
  • You can use your own resources, but you must include copyrights and/or credits.
  • You may not create a cutscene that infringes on third party copyright or trademarks.
  • You reserve the right to delete your entry even if it has already been posted
  • You may edit your work and/or the description after posting up to the entry deadline (we may contact you for confirmation if the cutscene has changed significantly since the original posting).
  • Submissions including adult materials such as extreme violence and/or nudity will not be accepted.
  • Only one qualifying entry per person is allowed.
  • By submitting your cutscene, you agree to allow us to publish your entries with credits on our social media, youtube, and other locations for advertisement purposes.
  • If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment!

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