New Releases: KR Night Club Tileset, RPG Character Pack 10
August 10, 2023
August 3, 2023

New Releases: KR Night Club Tileset, RPG Character Pack 10

New Releases: KR Night Club Tileset, RPG Character Pack 10



August 10, 2023

Get a collection of new characters and have them hit the dance floor with our two new releases!

Put your dancing shoes on and get ready for an exciting night of partying with the KR Night Club Tileset! Kokoro Reflections is back with another modern tileset to help you create a bustling party location. Create sleek bars and neon-lit dance floors for your heroes to enjoy and build private booths for them to meet up in while an NPC band rocks out on the night club’s stage with this pack’s A2, A4, and 4 B sheets of tiles.

Dark floors and walls are the perfect base for an underground club, while the bright blue and pink neon options can add some cool pops of color. Lead your heroes to the bar first with its backlit shelves of cans and glasses for a drink and possibly an important hint, or send them towards the dance floor where the floor is covered in lights to let loose after a long day of work. Or have your hero work in the club itself, running the sound system from a room full of audio equipment and backup stereos! Make sure your players know where every door leads with neon letters that you can use to spell out whatever you want, or stick with premade options like ‘Bar’, ‘Dance’, and ‘Music’.

This pack also includes some character sprites to help light up the club. Have your heroes enter through glass doors and let their eyes adjust as pulsing lights and colorful spotlights sweep over the crowd, or draw your players’ eyes with a huge spinning disco ball right over the dance floor. If your modern game has been missing that all important dancing scene or you want to include a unique place to pick up side quests, check out the KR Night Club Tileset!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!

Meet interesting military men and team up with powerful uniform-wearing women with the RPG Character Pack 10! Gee-kun-soft is at it again with this pack of 16 new characters, 8 women and 8 men all ready to jump onto the battlefield. Have your heroes take orders from a twin-tailed redhead or tall, no-nonsense, man, and battle alongside an experienced old man and a young long-haired prodigy, or have your players choose which character they want to play as!

Each character comes with a MZ-style sprite, downed frames, SV battlers, facesets with 8 different emotions, waist-up busts with 8 emotions, and even front view enemies in multiple colors so you could face a whole squad of foes! Battle against a cocky blue-haired man whose coat with epaulets is blowing in the wind and defeat him to force him to join your party, and purchase recovery items from a long-haired brunette who worries about how often your party comes to visit him. Make cutscenes where your hero sits down for meals with other female soldiers and talk about camp secrets, or turn the game into a murder mystery after your hero finds their bearded commanding officer dead in his office! This pack also includes bonus high-resolution images of each character so you can resize them to perfectly fit your game, or include their full body images in a character codex! Pick up the RPG Character Pack 10 and give your modern game some well-trained soldiers!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!

Updates: FSM: Castle and Town Tiles, Rosedale Collision Altering Plugin

The FSM Castle and Town Tiles and Rosedale Collision Altering Plugin have been updated on Komodo Plaza and on Steam. Update them in your projects either through the DLC folder (on Steam) or by redownloading from your email (on Komodo Plaza) to get the new version.

FSM: Castle and Town Tiles

◆ Ver.1.03

Fixed window tile in these files

  • fsm_Town02_C5.png
  • fsm_Town02n_C5.png

Added these files to "special" folder

  • fsm_Castle01_A4_2.png
  • fsm_Castle01_A4_3.png
  • fsm_Castle01_C2.png
  • fsm_Castle01_C3.png
  • fsm_Castle01_D2.png
  • fsm_Castle01_D3.png
  • fsm_Castle01n_A4_2.png
  • fsm_Castle01n_A4_3.png
  • fsm_Castle01n_C2.png
  • fsm_Castle01n_C3.png
  • fsm_Castle01n_D2.png
  • fsm_Castle01n_D3.png

Rosedale Collision Altering Plugin

Tool Version 1.2.0

  • Add - Jump Tool to editor!
  • Fix - issue with move tool clicking points when mouse out of editor.
  • Fix - issue with clicking scroll bar.

Plugin Version 1.2.0

  • Add - Jumpable colliders( I.E. jumping off cliffs ).
  • Add - 8 direction notes/comments now read even if the map is not pixel movement.
  • Fix - 8 direction support for full size sprite sheets.
  • Fix - issue with events colliding with invisible followers.

Term Updates: Rdot Monsters Vol.1 & 2

The Rdot Monsters Vol.1 & 2 packs have had their Terms updated to allow use outside of RPG Maker. The terms are now allowed in all engines both commercial and non-commercial.

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