New Releases: Soldier Character Pack 2, Winlu Fantasy Tileset - Exterior Winter
August 10, 2023
July 20, 2023

New Releases: Soldier Character Pack 2, Winlu Fantasy Tileset - Exterior Winter

New Releases: Soldier Character Pack 2, Winlu Fantasy Tileset - Exterior Winter



August 10, 2023

Add some variety to your characters and build snowy landscapes with this week's new additions!

Add unique combat specialists to your game’s battlefields with the Soldier Character Pack 2! Gee-kun-soft is back with another set of 16 characters fit for modern combat. This pack focuses on specialized personnel whose skills are useful on and off the battlefield. Have a tired, no-nonsense, doctor share an office with the army’s colorful poison expert while making sure the 2 lightly armored assassins don’t get into a competition over who can steal the most state secrets! Or have the pack’s 2 snipers compare strategies while the grenade and flamethrower users discuss how to make the biggest boom, all while the older commanding officers groan at the increased paperwork on their desks.

Each character comes with a character sprite, faceset with 8 different emotions, enemy front view battlers, SV battlers, and bust images! And if that wasn’t enough, some of the characters come in variations where they’re wearing hats or helmets so that they’ll be ready no matter what comes at them. Have your commanding officer only wear her hat when in meetings, or give your pair of extraction experts helmets and eye protection when they’re in the middle of a dangerous mission! Most enemy battlers also come with effect versions, so you could switch out the image depending on what status they have or if they’re powering up. Let your players know they need to defend from a powerful attack when the animal handler’s dog disappears from their side, and that they should push to defeat the sniper quickly if the sniper’s glowing aim assist appears in front of them! So if your game has been begging for interesting party members or you just want to flesh out your modern platoons, pick up the Soldier Character Pack 2 today!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or Steam!

Make sure your heroes bundle up before exploring the chilly maps made with the Winlu Fantasy Tileset - Exterior Winter pack! Winlu’s pixel art style is visible here even if it’s buried under feet of snow in this icy pack of tiles! With A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, and 4 B sheets filled with tiles you’ll be able to make all sorts of snow-covered towns for your heroes to visit. Each tile matches Winlu’s previous exterior pack, but now snow drapes over almost every surface and icicles dangle from cool-toned wooden beams so you could make a town previously visited now besieged by an ice wizard’s curse! Show that work has been halted in the village with untouched whiteness covering all of the workbenches and the carts that were normally filled with bags of goods are now filled with snow instead, while the farm’s vegetables are all frost-tipped. Or use this pack to help show the passage of time as your game’s story progresses, with snowy angled roofs in the middle of winter and as spring approaches the bright greens of grasses appear from under the blanket of white.

Also included are 20 character sheets for doors, flames, treasure chests, and more to add more movement to your maps. Place swaying banners along the city walls to show who controls the area and light your paths with lamps and torches. Open cellar doors and pull levers to reveal hidden treasure chests, or keep the town map simple and mark each building that can be entered with a sign stating what type of shop is inside. If your game includes a story arc during winter or you just want to make a cool mountain down where the snow never melts, make sure to grab Winlu Fantasy Tileset - Exterior Winter!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or Steam!

Update: Rosedale Collision Altering Plugin

Rosedale Collision Altering Plugin has been updated on Komodo Plaza and on Steam. Update it in your projects either through the DLC folder (on Steam) or by redownloading from your email (on Komodo Plaza) to get the new version.
  • Tool Version 1.1.0 :
    ★ Add - Tile draw function has been improved, tiles are no longer drawn blurry in the editor.
    ★ Add - Parallax selection/Collision Editor mode.
    ★ Add - scroll memory for tile tabs( A, B, C, D, E, and Parallax ), when switching between tile letters, scroll values will be remembered.
    ☆ Fix - Collider data would remain visible after changing tileset letter.
    ☆ Fix - Tile ID would not be cleared after switching tileset letter.
    ☆ Fix -Upon selecting a new tileset to edit, the letter A did not properly highlight itself.
  • Plugin Version 1.1.0:
    ★ Add - Parallax collision detection.
    ★ Add - Counter tags are now functioning.
    ★ Add - Terrain Tags are now functioning.
    ★ Add - Damage Floors are now functioning properly.
    ★ Add - support for TSR_Mirror.js plugin.
    ★ Add - support for OcRam_Passagaes.js plugin.
    ★ Add - Method to check distance between two characters( see help file for details ).
    ★ Add - Method to move to move to destination( this move function does not follow the grid! see help file for detials ).
    ★ Add - 8 direction sprite sheets for player, followers, and events via a note/comment( see help file for details ).
    ☆ Fix - "Below Characters" priority prevented trigger by action button, unless player was on top of event.
    ☆ Fix - Autorun events not starting after event page is switched.
    ☆ Fix - Testing Event Dialog from event page( via Ctrl+R ), caused an error.
    Please note that plugins may alter, or rely on character positions, and or alter or extend default collision may not function properly when used in conjunction with this plugin.
    If you encounter compatibility issues with a plugin, it is suggested to report them, as support will more than likely be added!

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