Resource Spotlight: Crazy_Leen
January 28, 2021
January 24, 2021

Resource Spotlight: Crazy_Leen

Resource Spotlight: Crazy_Leen



January 28, 2021

MV style tiles and a Retro Tileset from Crazy_Leen. Let's take a closer look at her resources!

Leen has made a lot of resources in the time she is with us in the maker scene, so be sure to check the terms and make sure you own the according makers to be allowed to use the stuff you want to use!

So far she has not made anything for the most recent maker, MZ, but if you own MV, there is a lot of beautiful stuff in stock here!

Real talk: We all made the map of an old worn down temple in our lives. And if you want to make another one, Leen has the perfect resources for you. Beautiful broken pillars and statues, walls that look like centuries have passed since they were built and just the right amount of plants and cracks to give the place an abandoned feeling.

And if we talk about well made maps, we should have a look at all the amazing object charsets that Leen has made. You think the normal doors are too small, or you use tall characters that would never fit through them? Here you can find a bunch of well made taller doors.

In addition, every map can be improved by small but impactful little animations. A printer that works? A clock that is ticking? A crystal ball that shines? All the sets inspire events and interactions you might want to have in your game!

And that continues through the other MV stuff. The tile addons are made with a lot of love and are just the things everyone needs.

You are tired of having the signs just glued to the front of your stores? Say no more!

And no matter which maker you use, Leen has this wonderful MV/MZ sized iconset with creative weapons and other items you really should have a look at!

We will also take a quick glance at her Ace resources, for those few still using Ace.

There is a huge set of tileset addons of which this is just a small sample. Expect many useful and imaginative tiles that especially fit a modern setting. She has a lot of tiles for a clothing/sewing shop along other crafting and shop tiles and this is probably the only radiator I’ve ever seen being made for an RPG Maker game!

Now to the big highlight:

Leen has a retro set that is extensive enough to make a full game with it.

To port the resources to MV/MZ, you save them. Now you scale them down to 50% without any smoothing algorithm and then you scale them up by 300%. They now work plug and play in both recent makers!

This screenshot by Jinxed shows how beautiful and well rounded the set is.

There are charsets for soldiers, animals, monsters, and bases to create your own heroes.

The animated objects range from detailed animated fountains to books, doors, traps and chests, and more.

To say there are just some out- and indoor tiles does not really tell the full story.

The outdoor sets cover all seasons and contain creative items you would not expect a free set like this to have.

Different trees? Yes, sure!

Imaginative Statues? Say no more!

Decorative bush figures? Oh yeah!

For the interior, all the things you would want a regular game to have are there as well!

Shops? Covered!

Caves! Sure, you want a lava cave, a normal one or a mine? Cause all of them are in there!

Interior for people’s houses? Yep, and there are even Christmas trees!

And if that all was not enough, with speech bubbles, a matching window and icons there are even all the system files you would want to use!

Caution: The icons are the only thing you cannot scale up and use plug and play, as they result in an 36*36 size that way. You will have to look for a plugin or find other solutions if you want to use them in MV or MZ.

And now, no matter which maker you use, what are you waiting for? Check out Leens amazing resources and add some nice details for your game… or start a brand new retro project!

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