Resource Spotlight: Ebanyle's Xp Tree Remaster
April 19, 2021
April 18, 2021

Resource Spotlight: Ebanyle's Xp Tree Remaster

Resource Spotlight: Ebanyle's Xp Tree Remaster



April 19, 2021

The trees from RPG Maker XP have often been considered the best RM trees of all time. What if you had an updated version of those? And what if those updated versions looked great in MZ? Let's take a look!

This set is a bit tricky, as you need to own RPG Maker XP to be allowed to use it AND it is labeled for VX Ace - which hides it in a section not that many people frequent now that we have MV and MZ.

BUT! - if you own XP, you are fine to use them wherever you like, though it will take some quick copy pastes to put them on a 48x48 pixel tile sheet.

So, what exactly is it I'm talking about?

Ebanyle took some of the original XP trees - which are still considered some of the best options RPG Maker ever had - and redrew them to a smooth, painterly style.

She also included recolors and leafless versions, even for those trees which did not have them in the first place, like the beach tree on the upper right.

Does your game includes a snowy area or a season change? With the leafless version and the full snowy version sheet you have all the resources you need!

Even our beloved giant tree is back.

So, how do we handle them in case we want to use them in MZ? (For Ace, I don’t have to say anything, cause there it is plug and play.)

Scale wise there is nothing to do - the trees are already taller than anything MZ has to offer!

This is how the set looks like in the 32*32 grid VX Ace uses.

The first part of a conversion is pretty straightforward, just cut out the parts and place them in an empty B-Sheet in a way you find convenient:

The trunk variations need a bit more effort:

Copy that part of the already placed tree how it is placed in your new grid, then place the variation on top. Now you erase the square of the variation’s size on the “original” layer and you are done.

You can now use them plug and play or if you need them fitting your style more closely, you can have a look at this tutorial here:

RTP and FSM - How to make styles match each other | The Official RPG Maker Blog

I did so and after some adjustments I have a set I am very happy with:

I will post it in her thread as well when this article releases. Make sure to follow Ebanyle’s rules when using it!

  • Completely free for use in any projects, without the need to ask;
  • Credit Enterbrain;
  • Crediting me (Ebanyle) is only required when reposting it, be edited or not. Otherwise, it's not necessary;
  • You need to legally own RPG Maker XP to use these;
  • Usage is only allowed within the Maker Engines.

You can now either grab this set and work with it in MZ, make your own conversion - the drawn style will match FSM for example beautifully if you lower the saturation a bit - take the resources from the thread for VX or Ace and as you can see, you can have fun with these in so many ways!

Have fun mapping a nice forest!

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