Resource Spotlight: ScaRestaff
October 25, 2020
October 25, 2020

Resource Spotlight: ScaRestaff

Resource Spotlight: ScaRestaff



October 25, 2020

With Halloween coming closer, it’s time to raise something from long ago to haunt your game! Let’s take a look at the ScaRestaff!

In the years 2014, 2015 and 2018, our resident Restaff Artists and some guest collabed to create the


SCAREStaff November 2014 Mini Pack

SCAReStaff October 2015

SCAReStaff October 2018

Disclaimer: The author of this highlight, Avery, has taken part in all of them. Trying to be as objectively as possible ;3

Some of you might wonder: Well… I just have MV or MZ, how can the old Restaffs help me with my recent halloween game then?

To answer that question, let’s get into the time machine and see what 2014 had in stock for us!


No matter what maker you might use music never matters. And wow, these tracks are still great!

DesperateMeasurez, Scythuz and IronCroc outdid themselves with their work. You want a haunted graveyard? A mysterious castle? Music that sends chills down your spine? It’s all here!

And what about the graphics?

Thalzon’s battlers are suitable for all versions of RPG Maker. His Skeleton Horse is a personal favorite!

He has tons of other free battlers in the same style and also more packs on the store, making his style one of the most project ready in RPG Maker.

Marimo’s sweet Jill O’Lantern battler can also be used in any engines and would make a good element on a title screen, as a menu decoration, or a mascot for your scary game!

Avery’s skeleton rat sprite and icons were made for RM VX Ace, but since they were made from scratch you can use them in any engine of your liking.

The rat also has a VX Ace Battler from PandaMaru, so if that is your maker of choice, it’s an easy grab. And since rats are well, almost always tiny anyway, the size doesn’t prevent you from porting it to MV or MZ as well.

For some graphic additions with more specific styles:

Caz has awesome DS styled sprites, also one of them that goes well with Marimo’s Jill O’Lantern! Maybe Halloween is the time to undust RMVX or Ace and your DS graphic packs and make them the heroes of your Halloween project?

Matseb brings VX Ace charsets of the 4 Horsemen of the apocalypse and matching animated battlers and even more chars and battlers to explore!

And last but not least, Candacis adds a bag full of mixed things, cool book tiles, a bone fence, walls and other stuff for Ace as well!

Now that we went back so far in time, let’s get a step closer to now and have a look at


For the music, DesperateMeasurez is still with us and his tracks are still great. I can totally imagine just sitting down and having them playing while making a matching thematic horror map. Each of them has a different feel, but all go well with the halloween theme in their own way.

Clyodus TerrorWave track makes me think of a fast paced intro cutscene where zombies overrun the town… what do you think?

Ms Littlefish brings Halloween SEs, so your heroes can chew on their treats after going for trick or treat!

For the graphics, we will again focus on the things that can be used in any engine or in MV/MZ, but we’ll also make sure that everyone gets their deserved attention!

Thalzons three scary ghost battlers are a great addition if you hadn’t already decided to go with his style from the 2014 releases!

ChaosAvian also brings some unique battlers that are not bound to any engine!

Skeezixs1 brings some pictures you could use for menus, titlescreens, gameovers or chapter covers!

PandaMaru’s large parallax pumpkin was made for VX Ace, but depending on your map, you could try to use it in the more recent engines as well! Same goes for the one by Avery and her icons, with a proper border they can be used in MV or MZ as well.

Caz, Palladinthug and Banquo have some DS styled resources and Banquo and Palladinthug have some Pop! styled ones as well. So if you are using either of those styles, you can find some of the rare user made free additions here!

A RMDS Styled Halloween game? Yes please!

And if you use VX or VX Ace, you have plenty of other options in here!

Candacis awesome attic tiles for example!

Or Nanokans world map options:

Ksjp17 has also set up some nice animations for Ace, open his sample project and have a look at them!

Rounding the release up is a set of sprites: Hiddenone brings skeleton horses, headless horsemen and deers, slimmeiske2 dressed up RTP heroes, Valkyriet a geisha and Super121830 chest recolors.

Now, let’s travel a bit closer to nowadays and have a look at…


And while a lot has changed, DesperateMeasurez still made haunting tracks for the Restaff! And he is in good company, as Scythuz also added four amazing tracks to the set.

He also tried his hands on graphics and added some DS styled characters and battlers on top of that.

As 2018 was MVs time, now all the graphics materials are formatted for the latest Makers!

Slimmeiske2 added a whole bunch of variations for charsets for Alice and the Queen of hearts, which would both make great actors or NPCs!

Archeia gave us some scary expressions for four of the default heroes.

Whtdragon and hiddenone outdid themselves with both collabing on character generator parts...

...and still handing in an extra set on their own as well!

Do you need halloweenish carpets, tables or food? Whtdragon has you covered. And if that was not already enough they also added a huge bunch of sprites so you can both have monsters or masked peoples in your game!

Hiddenone made some animated objects and a skeleton horse for your characters to mount in battle.

And to close our journey to the past, Avery brought animated coffins, icons, a vampire base, gothic tiles and sprites, icons and faces for dolls to add some spooky options to your game!

Now we are back in today, how about opening a new project and making a scary game?

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